January Luncheon

Reservations due Friday, January 14 by noon.

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Wednesday, January 19, 2010 at 11:30 AM at Minnetrista
$14 admission (includes lunch and program)

Guest Speaker: Dan Ridenour, founder of the CBF Institute
Dan Ridenour is the founder of the CBF Institute, which studies the impact of Credit, Budgets, and Financials on consumers. CBF Institute provides “Do Credit Right” solutions for members and non-members including specialized trainings, seminars, study materials and personal coaching. Dan Ridenour has 28 years of credit / lending experience, is the author of two books on credit, has spoken at numerous training events / conventions, and has personally reviewed more than 14,000 consumer or business credit bureau files. Mr.Ridenour is considered by many as the most effective COACH to CONSUMERS who desire to “protect” their credit score from unforeseen disaster or “increase” a credit score fast! Anyone can INFLUENCE THE CREDIT SCORE and Dan teaches people how. Visit Dan’s website.

Business Sponsor: Kat Knox, Mary Kay Cosmetics
Kat Knox has been an Independent Mary Kay Sales Director since 2005. She is dedicated to helping women on the voyage to feeling beautiful and prides herself on building relationships and to not just being a “shelf.” Visit Kat’s website.

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