Nominate Someone Deserving of an ATHENA Today

Remember how good it felt last year knowing someone in the community noticed your good work and your outstanding character? It’s once again time to nominate our community’s best for the annual ATHENA Awards, presented by Women in Business Unlimited.

WIBU was founded in 1989 by 11 local women who knew the importance of lifting others. Before it was “in,” these women understood the value of collaboration and business-to-business networking. Today, WIBU is thriving and is central to building professional relationships and lifelong friendships.

Please consider nominating at least two women you know who are deserving of this honor.

We’re accepting nominations for ATHENA Leadership Award, as well as ATHENA Young Professional (under 40). We’re also asking for nominations for the ATHENA Organizational Award.

I won’t pretend this process is easy. It’s not. But we make it as straightforward and simple as possible. It takes work to collect letters of support for your nominee; it takes time to assemble all your material and write in a compelling, persuasive way for the woman or organization you wish to honor.

But that’s the point. Your nominee is worth it. Someone thought you were worth the trouble. I bet you know at least two women who are worth it. It also is a privilege that we should hold dear, just as dear as the women we uplift.